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About the expert
Julie Savaria
MSc, MBA, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Designer, Founder of Bindia Savaria Consulting

Julie Savaria is the founder of Bindia Savaria consulting and defines herself as a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion designer, an Equity facilitator, and a global citizen at heart, who wants to be part of solutions tailored to local and global challenges.

A biochemist by training, Julie worked in clinical research for five years before completing an MBA degree from McGill University. It is then that she deepened her expertise in social impact and human-centered design thinking and the intersectionality of the public, private, and social sectors. Julie worked for innovative and Fortune 500 organizations as well as public institutions, to help them further their conversations around racism and implement a sustainable strategy dedicated to all their employees. As such, she founded Bindia Savaria Consulting to help organizations start, deepen or establish their JEDI strategy or program, and JEDI Kids, a platform dedicated to help caregivers and anyone raise the next generation of inclusive and (racially) mindful children. She is also the Co-chair of the B Local Québec chapter, with a focus on Collective Impact and Activism.