Your Wellness Moment

Watch quick one-minute videos geared toward supporting your health and wellness.
Featuring our team of Manitoba Blue Cross experts, as seen on CTV.
Strengthening your lungs
Avoiding buyer's remorse
Finding motivation
Using "I" statements
Improving your focus
Benefiting from new perspectives
Strengthening impactful leaders
Improving your knee health
Budgeting for financial wellness
Turning bad stress into good stress
Exercising while pregnant
Building your support network
Laughing for good health
Limiting sedentary behaviours
Having healthy conflict
Developing Resilience
Protecting women's heart health
Staying safe and healthy while travelling
Practicing gratitude for better mental health
Supporting men's mental health
Taking quick action for your heart
Staying hydrated for your health
Staying fit for your health
Preventing desk injuries
Managing self care
Helping children deal with bullying
Detecting a silent stroke
Breathing to manage stress
Lifting safely
Improving your well-being with hobbies