The MindTriggers digital app offers a variety of brain games tailored to combat memory loss and cognitive impairment due to aging or dementia – no matter your age or stage of life. Inspired by groundbreaking research in brain stimulation and memory retrieval led by the University of Manitoba’s Dr. Zahra Moussavi, MindTriggers is your proactive step toward maintaining a healthy, active mind.

Access activities on the go: Enjoy fun, daily exercises through the comfort and convenience of your digital device.

Benefit from research: Improve your cognitive skills through content rooted in direct studies focused on reversing cognitive decline.

Monitor personal growth: Track progress and choose to contribute your data to a study that supports ongoing memory research.

Recent findings

In a 2021 study led by Dr. Moussavi, the repeated use of the MindTriggers app was significantly linked to the improvement of cognitive functions of older adults with dementia. That improvement lasted at least one month after the end of the intervention.

Download it today

The MindTriggers app is now available at no cost, courtesy of Manitoba Blue Cross. Get it on Google Play or the App Store.